From The

Principal’s Office

Dear Sanjivani School Family!

I firmly believe that all our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them. So, it is with great pride that I write this letter of introduction as the new principal of Sanjivani International School, Kharghar.

I'm ecstatic and honoured to have this opportunity to lead a school with such enthusiastic students, committed staff and an extremely supportive parent community.

Teaching has been a lifelong passion and I feel privileged to call it my profession. During my   extensive career   in the field of education, I have come to the conclusion that every child has the capability to soar high, if given a conducive environment. Together, I hope we can meet the challenges of academic excellence and build a positive, encouraging and nurturing atmosphere that brings out the true potential of every child.

Today, Sanjivani has an outstanding reputation, a culture of high expectations and a rich tradition of learning. We acknowledge and appreciate the supportive parent community who have always believed in the foundational ethos of the school and helped it to thrive.

Let's continue this legacy of success by working in partnership to build a student centric environment, that provides a holistic education focusing on all aspects of student progress- academic, social, as well as emotional.

As the Principal, I welcome your valuable suggestions, ideas, and inputs to further strengthen the school system. We look forward to meaningful interactions with you all, in order to build the strong foundation required to cultivate cheerful and confident lifelong learners.

Let us embark together on this new journey as a TEAM with great enthusiasm and positivity, with the goal of providing the students with the highest quality education. We wish you all a fun-filled and enriching academic year.

Yours sincerely

Dr. Anurag Pandey


Sanjivani International School Kharghar