• Students should make it a matter of personal pride to utilize the library books with utmost care.
  • The students are not to take any book from the library without proper entry in the issue register.
  • Only one book will be issued for duration of one week at a time. It may be re-issued for another week and for such a renewal, the book must be produced.
  • The attention of the librarian should be drawn to damages to the books.
  • All the books must be returned before the end of each term. The borrower, who fails to return a book, will have to pay a fine of Rs.1/- per day.
  • ∙Students of StdX will be required to return all library books and obtain clearance certificate from the Librarian before applying for the ICSE Examination hall ticket.
  • Library cards are not transferable.
  • Students are responsible for the safe upkeep of the books. Any damagecaused to the books inside or outside the librarywill be made good by replacing it with new book (same author and title) along with penal fines.Only paper, pencil/pens shall be permitted to be brought inside the library along with the library books, due for return.